Free Car Dealer 1.4.5 WordPress Theme creates fully featured websites for your car dealership or automotive company. It is a responsive WordPress car theme that connects dealers and customers

Car Dealer WordPress Theme  Car Dealer / Auto Dealer / Automotive WordPress Theme best suits for car dealership or automotive companiesthat buy / sell / lease their vehicles online. This automotive wp theme connects both dealers (even if its independent car owner) and customers who are willing to buy a vehicle 

نماینده فروش تم وردپرس


نمایندگی وردپرس ماشین حساب وام تم

لیست خودرو فروش و برچسب های برجسته

تم وردپرس موضوع ماشین جستجو

صفحه مقایسه خودرو موضوع خودرو



ویرایشگر گزینه خودرو

ماشین طبقه بندی شده در پایگاه داده خودرو

مدیر حساب موضوع خودرو

فروش ماژول پی پال تم

مبدل ارز خودکار خودرو

گزینه های یک ظاهر تم

سبک های مختلف اتومبیل وبلاگ

ویدجت تم ماشین مفید

موتور نمایندگی خودرو بهینه سازی شده است


Car Dealer WordPress Theme Features

  • Can the Car Dealer WordPress theme be used for single and multiple dealerships?Yes, the theme is very flexible and suits any car selling businesses, be it a single or multiple dealership. If you want to use the theme for a single dealership, you can simply disable the account login form. This way, nobody else will be able to create accounts and post car ads.
  • How many languages does the Car Dealer theme support?The current theme version is in English, but we are going to include additional languages in future theme updates. Nevertheless, the theme can be easily translated; it includes the needed PO files which can be translated to any other language using plugins like LocoTranslate.
  • Can I build a website that uses your Car Dealership WordPress theme and works with several languages?You can easily add a multilingual feature to your website using a plugin like WPML. This is the best solution for multilingual websites, so we made sure that the Car Dealership theme is 100% compatible with WPML.
  • Does it support RTL?Yes, the theme fully supports RTL. There is an option that allows you to enable it on your website.
  • Can I use various payment processors?This theme uses PayPal gateway payments. We may integrate additional payment gateways in the future, but you can always add them through custom coding or third party plugins.
  • Can I use my country’s currency?Sure, that’s a built-in theme option. We also have a video tutorial that shows how you can add your own currency.
  • Does the license allow me to remove the copyright notice in the footer?Sure! Simply edit the footer.php file to remove the copyright notice.
  • Can I use the purchased theme on several websites?Due to the single license policy, a purchased theme can be used on a single website. You will need to purchase the Car Dealership Theme again if you want to use it on another website.
  • Are the colors customizable on every field?You can easily customize the colors, making the theme fit your project and business’ color scheme. A custom CSS field is also included, allowing you to alter any specific element, and thus make it match your specific preferences.
  • Does the automotive WordPress theme include a user backend?Yes, the users who create accounts get access to a frontend profile panel, where they can adjust contact info, add/edit car ads, upgrade their accounts, and so on.Of course, the admin can disable this feature; if this is the case, the car ads can only be added to the website by the admin.
  • Do you provide customizations of your Car Dealer WordPress theme?We do not provide theme customizations. However, we offer support for our products, so we will fix any bugs, errors, etc. You can always hire a programmer if you want to customize the theme for your needs, of course.
  • Can I import car listings from my original website to this theme through csv or xml files?The current theme version does not support this feature yet. We may implement the option in a future theme version.
  • Are all countries/locations included with the theme purchase?All countries and all the locations are included and can be added to your website with only a few clicks. The theme comes with a video tutorial that shows how to add additional locations or edit them through the backend.


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